Home Studio

Originally something that started as just a hobby, recording has now become something I find myself busy with day to day. The majority of my recording work is the delivery of great drum takes for Albums/EPs/Demos being created and written around the world. Be it for finished tracks or rough demos I can create high quality drum takes both sonically and musically. I am happy to read, create or copy parts for your music with no preference to each - whatever is best for the writer/producer is great for me. Also, If you would like to get a sample of my work before committing to a bigger project get in touch to arrange a demo!

Whilst I specialise in drum tracks, other instruments can be tracked too with same great results. Below are some examples of recent projects that I have been part of in various ways, whether it be just recording, recording and mixing, studio based or live based I am happy to work in any capacity to best suit the clients needs. As you would expect I have an extensive range of instruments, microphones, outboard etc to suit whatever is needed.

With the cost of studios/engineers being what they are an alternative, and very popular, 21st century option is to track your songs from 'home' and send off to your preferred mix engineer. Not everyone has the luxury of the equipment or space to put this into action but here... we do! Many professional tracks have been recorded from my home studio, tracks that have found their way to National Radio playlists, TV shows and Films alike. With a good audio capture, super high quality results can be achieved at a fraction of the price!

Red light fever? With all the equipment being fully mobile means if you'd rather beat the dreaded studio nerves and record in a more comfortable setting, for example a live gig, it can be done! This is obviously also a desirable choice as it can lead to a more natural and real outcome and even save time/money.

For more specifics on how I could be a part of your project, just ask!

An instrumental track recorded for Scotland Rail direct from my home studio.

A fun live session here with some fantastic north east musicians, again all recorded from my home studio.


"Tom provided drum parts and tuned percussion parts for a recent album recording. The brief was not an easy one (I wanted to create the sound of a full size marching band, with marching percussion and tuned percussion).

Tom's work was flawless. He recorded each piece of kit using different mics he deemed appropriate. All parts were labelled clearly, extremely precise to the brief and in perfect time. This was all done remotely, and the files were sent on time and easily imported into the existing session.

I was initially apprehensive about working in this way, but the results exceeded all of our expectations. The production team at Tape Studio were also highly impressed, and would recommend Tom to any clients requiring drums (kit / percussion) in the future."

D. Shaw

Aurora Engine 'The Road to Mordor' recorded at Tape Studio

26th September 2015