Home Studio

Originally something that started as just a hobby, recording has now become something I find myself busy with day to day. The majority of my recording work is the delivery of great drum takes for Albums/EPs/Demos being created and written around the world. Be it for finished tracks or rough demos I can create high quality drum takes both sonically and musically. With the recording rig being fully mobile meaning if you had a certain sound in mind I’m certain an appropriate room could be found!

Whilst I specialise in drum tracks, other instruments can be tracked too with same great results. Be it recording yourself, recording your parts or writing and recording parts for you, they’re all manageable! If you have any queries at all, just ask!

An instrumental track recorded for Scotland Rail direct from my home studio.

A fun live session here with some fantastic north east musicians, again all recorded from my home studio.


"I've used Tom a few times now on various different projects, as he's quite simply one of the most versatile players I've had the pleasure of working with in many different scenarios, so it made lots of sense to book him for sessions which required very accurate, yet groovy drums & percussion, with lots of feel.

The latest track he recorded on was for a show in Dubai, and even the choreographers commented on the inspiration they took from the drum part, which was full of "energy & life".

Not only is he a fantastic musician, but fun (which is very important to me!) and very easy to work with, even in the most stressful situations, both in the studio & live. I'd highly recommend him."

James Harrison



  • 1962 Gretsch Round Badge - 22/16/13
  • 1974 Gretsch Hex Badge - 20/16/13
  • DW Collectors - 20/14/12
  • TAMA Starclassic - 22/16/14/12/10
  • Range of Snare Drums
  • Huge selection of cymbals
  • Orchestral/Latin/Milatary Percussion
  • Tuned Percussion/Timpani


  • Overheads - AKG 214s/Octavia Mk 012
  • Snare – SM57/Beta 57
  • Toms - Senheiser MD421s
  • Kick - AKG D112/Homemade subkick
  • Other - AKG SolidTube/Audio Technica AT2020