You Choose The Music – DJ Service

Having a ‘DJ’ at a Wedding or Event has been standard practice for as long as Weddings or Events have existed. According to Wikipedia A DJ or Disk Jockey is ‘A person who mixes different sources of pre-existing recorded music as its playing, usually for a live audience’. Whilst this isn’t exactly new information, the amount of ‘DJ’s who are actually ‘performing’ at weddings is probably a lot lower than you would expect. Due to technological advances it has become very easy for almost anyone with some basic equipment to line up songs on Spotify or iTunes and keep the dance floor busy at your event.

Whilst you might think this is absolutely fine the issue comes that you may well be paying the same price that you would pay to to a professional DJ who will constantly be lining up and mixing new records as opposed to pressing play on a Spotify playlist filled with songs you don’t actually want to hear.

With ‘You Choose The Music – ‘DJ’ Service’ we offer a couple of different options that will bring the cost hiring a ‘DJ’ right down and also give you all the control…

  1. Equipment Hire – One of our music specialists will arrive at your venue with a professional speaker and lighting package, set it all up and provide a cable for you or one of your guests to plug their phone/computer. This way you will have everything you need to keep your party going through the night, all you’ve got to do is turn it up and down. A microphone will also be provided for announcements/speeches.
  2. Music specialist + Equipment – One of our music specialists will work with you before the event to agree on playlists to make sure you hear exactly what you and your guests want, when you want it. Then come the day they will arrive with a professional speaker and lighting package and operate all the equipment to take the hassle away from you/your guests.

For a further discount on your ‘DJ’ costs book another band/service from this website to receive a massive discount. Booking your band and DJ together can also make the logistics of the event much simpler with one set up instead of two.